CFP: Research Stream “Sociology of Masculinities: Theoretical and Methodological Implications” at the 17th Polish Sociological Congress “Me, Us, Them?Subjectivity, Identity, Belonging”, September 2019, Wroclaw, Poland

Dear all!Together with my other dear colleague, Julia Kubisa, we would like to invite you to join us in September in Wroclaw (Poland) at the 17th Polish Sociological Congress. We would mainly discuss (in English ;)) the theoretical and methodological contributions as well as challenges within the most fascinating subdiscipline ever, namely, the sociology of masculinities.

In 2018 it has been exactly 30 years since the publication of Pierre Bourdieu’s La Domination Masculine, one of the most significant theoretical contributions to analysis of the social phenomenon of masculinity. Bourdieu introduced the concept of male habitus and became one of the European pioneers of critical men and masculinities studies. Furthermore, another pivotal publication, dealing with the same issue is also more than thirty years old, namely Masculinities by Raewyn Connell, within which she develops hegemonic masculinity theory. A countless number of empirical investigations in the field of sociology of masculinities have been conducted worldwide in the last three decades worldwide and in the last two decades, in Poland and other Central Eastern European countries. Finally, in recent years one has witnessed a large number of scholarly works focused on the theoretical dimension of critical men and masculinities, with significant representation of sociological standpoints, where theories dealing with men and masculinities phenomena are collected, (critically) analyzed, elaborated or/and developed. It is therefore timely to channel more in-depth meta-discussion on the theoretical implication of sociological analyses of masculinities phenomena. This is especially important in the context of Central and Eastern European academia, which is relatively rich in research. This has been proved by, for example, the results of the last men and masculinity oriented group discussion that took place during the Polish Sociological Association congress in Gdansk. In the same time, Central Eastern European academia seems to lack consistent theoretical contribution to the field. Hence, we invite all scholars to join our group, whose main aim is to develop further discussion on the sociological theories of masculinities. When theories are discussed however, new forms and challenges of methodologies linked to men and masculinities studies should be also taken under consideration. Thus we also invite papers on methodological dimensions of sociological analysis of men and masculinities phenomena, such as power relations, positioning of researchers and participants; gender relations, postcolonial approaches, feminist/ ”masculist” methodology etc.

Detailed CFP can be found here. The deadline for abstract sumission is on March, 15 2019

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