CFP for the ESA 2021 Research Stream “Theorising Men and Masculinities: European Insights”

Dear all!
We would like to invite you to join our Research Steam on men and masculinities organised as a part of ESA 2021 conference, which, hopefully, will take place in Barcelona and not on Zoom anymore.In recent years, European sociology has been regularly enriched with research on men and masculinities. On the one hand, researchers recognise significant changes both in masculinity models and male gender roles, which have been shifting into a more egalitarian approach. At the same time, we must recognise that there has been a rise in anti-liberal/right-wing parties and social movements accompanied by the challenges of recent migration processes in Europe. As a result, one can observe the re traditionalisation of gender roles and the resurgence of patriarchal, hegemonic forms of masculinities. These particular changes have already been researched, and a significant number of studies focusing on specific topics have been produced. Particular findings have led to the development of theories rooted in a European context. One is caring masculinity theory (Elliott 2015), which has been expanding for almost a decade now (Hanlon 2012, Scambor et al. 2014).
Another theory with a clear European lineage is protective masculinity (Wojnicka 2020) which is a European contribution to the development of hegemonic masculinity theory (Connell 2005). Hence the main aim of this RS is to create an intellectual space for discussion focused on development of European theories related to Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities, which will enrich the preexisting theoretical landscape which is dominated by American and Australian scholars. When theories are discussed, however, new forms and challenges of methodologies linked to men and masculinities should also be taken into account. Thus we also invite papers on the methodological dimensions of sociological analysis of men and masculinities phenomena.

CFP: Research Stream “Sociology of Masculinities: Theoretical and Methodological Implications” at the 17th Polish Sociological Congress “Me, Us, Them?Subjectivity, Identity, Belonging”, September 2019, Wroclaw, Poland

Dear all!Together with my other dear colleague, Julia Kubisa, we would like to invite you to join us in September in Wroclaw (Poland) at the 17th Polish Sociological Congress. We would mainly discuss (in English ;)) the theoretical and methodological contributions as well as challenges within the most fascinating subdiscipline ever, namely, the sociology of masculinities.

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CFP: Black Protests and Beyond: Women’s Social Movements and the Challenges for Feminisms in Central and Eastern Europe



Together with Julia Kubisa and Praktyka Teoretyczna’s editors I would like to invite you to join our special issue on recent women’s mobilisation in Central and Easten Europe.

Since 2016 Central Eastern Europe has been witnessing an unprecedented wave of feminist protests. Attacks on reproductive rights have galvanised public opinion and brought thousands of people into the streets. Around these protests an effective platform countering right-wing and highly patriarchal governments has started to form. Recent women’s mobilisations are not restricted exclusively to the region, as feminist protests have occurred in other parts of the world as well. Over the past several months, we have witnessed the emergence of the global #metoo movement, Women’s Marches in the USA, and the anti-violence Latin American protest actions organised by NiUnaMenos, to name only a few. However, the specificity of Central Eastern European mobilisations requires a closer look, as they are strongly connected to the recent political changes that have occurred in several countries in the region.

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The story of abortion struggle in Poland: e01s01

14470413_10154500788733991_2338209587743219732_nI’m pretty sure that the majority of you are familiar with the current struggle in Poland with regard to the total abortion ban and may already wonder why I, a gender and social movements researcher, haven’t written about it on my blog so far. The main reason is that the problem is extremely complex and an analysis of the whole spectrum of initiatives, discourses and actors involved in this struggle is impossible to perform in one (user-friendly) blog post. Therefore, after weeks of wondering how to frame the problem, I decided to divide the story into pieces and elaborate on particular issues in separate posts. So today, please enjoy the pilot of this fascinating series, which consists of a very short summary of the 2016 events and an introduction of one of the actors I had a chance to write a paper on back in 2010. Continue reading

XVI Polish Sociological Congress: working group “Gender trouble”: from masculinities’ (re)production to gender transgression

We are very pleased to invite you to take part in the 16th Polish Sociological Congress, to be held in Gdansk, Poland 14-17 September 2016. The theme of the congress is Solidarity in the time of distrust. In addition to the congress’s theme, the programme covers other research fields and one of them will be explored in our working group dedicated to the analysis of contemporary masculinities and gender transgression. The main language of the congress is Polish and the deadline to submit an abstract for a paper to be presented in our working group is March, 31. The general call for papers is available here and below you can find the description of our working group (in Polish).

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International Conference on Masculinities “Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Equality”

The Center of the Study of Men and Masculinities is an organiser of International Conference on Masculinities: Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Equality which will take place in New York City between 6th and 8th March 2015. The main aims of the conference are: “To infuse men’s activism in support of gender justice with the rigor and insights of the most up-to-date research;  (2) to increase cooperation and ties between academic researchers who address various gender issues, and feminist activists, practitioners, and advocates.” The deadline for submitting proposals is October, 31st. Proposals should be submitted online and any questions about the proposal process should be directed to More information about the conference can be found under following link: Info

CFP: Special Issue of Studia Humanistyczne AGH „Men and masculinities in the European dimension”

ImageThe Editors of the Special Issue of Studia Humanistyczne AGH „Men and masculinities in the European dimension” warmly welcome scholarly contributions from all interested in critical studies on men and masculinities in Europe. In recent years in social and cultural studies voices about rapid changes in social relations, including the gender dimension, have increased. These changes have lead Karl Marx’s statement “All that is solid melts into air” to seem highly topical, especially when it comes to the recent challenge of the social gender dualism (Connell 2002). As a result of the inversion of the traditional gender paradigm, contemporary academic discourse implies the existence of non-typical, ambiguous “femininities” and “masculinities” and thereby analyses and justifies the coexistence of diverse, complementary and/or contrasted types of gender identities (Connell 2005).
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