CFP for the ESA 2021 Research Stream “Theorising Men and Masculinities: European Insights”

Dear all!
We would like to invite you to join our Research Steam on men and masculinities organised as a part of ESA 2021 conference, which, hopefully, will take place in Barcelona and not on Zoom anymore.In recent years, European sociology has been regularly enriched with research on men and masculinities. On the one hand, researchers recognise significant changes both in masculinity models and male gender roles, which have been shifting into a more egalitarian approach. At the same time, we must recognise that there has been a rise in anti-liberal/right-wing parties and social movements accompanied by the challenges of recent migration processes in Europe. As a result, one can observe the re traditionalisation of gender roles and the resurgence of patriarchal, hegemonic forms of masculinities. These particular changes have already been researched, and a significant number of studies focusing on specific topics have been produced. Particular findings have led to the development of theories rooted in a European context. One is caring masculinity theory (Elliott 2015), which has been expanding for almost a decade now (Hanlon 2012, Scambor et al. 2014).
Another theory with a clear European lineage is protective masculinity (Wojnicka 2020) which is a European contribution to the development of hegemonic masculinity theory (Connell 2005). Hence the main aim of this RS is to create an intellectual space for discussion focused on development of European theories related to Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities, which will enrich the preexisting theoretical landscape which is dominated by American and Australian scholars. When theories are discussed, however, new forms and challenges of methodologies linked to men and masculinities should also be taken into account. Thus we also invite papers on the methodological dimensions of sociological analysis of men and masculinities phenomena.

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