CFP: Special Issue of Studia Humanistyczne AGH „Men and masculinities in the European dimension”

ImageThe Editors of the Special Issue of Studia Humanistyczne AGH „Men and masculinities in the European dimension” warmly welcome scholarly contributions from all interested in critical studies on men and masculinities in Europe. In recent years in social and cultural studies voices about rapid changes in social relations, including the gender dimension, have increased. These changes have lead Karl Marx’s statement “All that is solid melts into air” to seem highly topical, especially when it comes to the recent challenge of the social gender dualism (Connell 2002). As a result of the inversion of the traditional gender paradigm, contemporary academic discourse implies the existence of non-typical, ambiguous “femininities” and “masculinities” and thereby analyses and justifies the coexistence of diverse, complementary and/or contrasted types of gender identities (Connell 2005).

Contrary to common belief, the development of the scientific discussion on gender ambiguity has not only deepened the reflection on women’s issues but also on the complexity of men and masculinities problems. The contemporary analysis extends beyond an essentialist perception of masculinity and focuses on the socio-cultural character of masculinities, followed by taking into account their multiplicity (Kimmel 1987) and the fact that they are created in social discourse.

The majority of the analyses mentioned can be situated within critical studies on men and masculinities which arose from women’s and gender studies at the turn of the 60s and 70s and developed rapidly in the 90s. Today, the perspective mentioned is a significant part of the academic gender discourse and has been developed in many parts of the world, including Poland.

However, Polish critical studies on men and masculinities, in contrast to its American, Australian and Western-European counterparts, does not have a long history. In 2006 Jeff Hearn and Keith Pringle, after conducting research on the state of European men and masculinities studies, sadly concluded that this type of reflection is still unpopular among Polish scholars (2006: 39). Eight years later the situation has improved as a group of Polish academics and researchers have consequently been conducting investigations into a variety of topics connected to the perspective mentioned. Similar dynamic regarding development of men and masculinities reflection can be observed also in other Eastern European countries (Smidowa 1999, Novikova & Kamburow 2004)  Nevertheless, many dimensions of men’s and masculinities issues are still terra incognita and therefore deepening the reflection on Polish critical men and masculinities studies is a crucial point.

Thus, while publishing the presented issue in “Studia Humanistyczne AGH” we would like to create a space for the analysis and discussion of men and masculinities issues not only in Poland but also in the (comparative) European dimension. Polish scholars can contribute to the debate and as well sociologists from other (not only Eastern) European countries can exchange in Polish scientific journal their ideas and results of the research. The European character of proposed „Studia Humanistyczne AGH” issue is especiallyimportant asin the era of globalised and transnationalised academia focusing only on the national context  seem to be a considerable restriction.

We would like to welcome all interested academics and researchers in topic of ‘critical studies on men and masculinities’ in Europe for submitting their papers till the end of September, 2014.

The papers should be in English (for non-native speakers of English we highly recommend that you have your manuscript proofread by a native speaker), not exceed 7.000 words (with bibliography). All details about guidelines for papers could be found here: SH AGH

All papers will be subject to a peer review. The papers should be submitted directly to both Editors of this issue:

Katarzyna Wojnicka, Phd

Dissens – Institut für Bildung und Forschung e.V., Berlin


Urszula Kluczynska, Phd

Uniwersytet Medyczny w Poznaniu


Connell, Raewyn. 2002. Gender. Cambridge: Polity Press.

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Novikova, Irina, Kamburov, Dimitur.2004. Men in the global world: integrating postsocialist perspectives. Helsinki: Kikimora Publishers.

Smidova, Iva. 1999. Men in the Czech Republic. A Few Questions and Thoughts on Studying (Some) Men. Czech Sociological Review, VII, (2/1999)

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