New Special Issue on the dimensions of (Polish) masculinities

okladka_smallAnd yet another Special Issue on broadly defined men and masculinities research has been published. This time, together with Urszula Kluczyńska, we concentrated mostly on the intersections among (critical) men and masculinities and queer and sexuality studies and therefore, we had searched for papers where these particular perspectives are represented. Our efforts resulted in the collection of articles touching upon issues such as male friendships in the contemporary society, medicalization of male sexuality, transsexuality and drag-king’s activism as well as men’s politics in the Polish LGBTQ movement.

We are especially proud of the fact that a vast majority of papers are based on the empirical research that has been conducted in Poland. The quality of presented investigations proves that Polish (critical) men and masculinities studies develops continuously and soon, Hearn’s and Pringle’s conclusion that scientific reflection on men and masculinities is still unpopular among Polish scholars (2006: 39) will be outdated. Our collection, together with recent publication of Studia Humanistyczne AGH on Men and masculinities research in European dimension ( 2015 14/2) as well as special issue of Teksty Drugie on Formy męskości [Forms of masculinities] (2/2015) and collection of articles published in Ars Educandi entitled Mężczyźni – kryzys, postęp, zmiana? [Men – crisis, progress, change?] (volume XI/2014) seem to finally dispel the myth of non-existence of Polish (critical) men and masculinities studies.

In fact, the recent rise of the academic reflection on men and masculinities can be observed not only in Poland, but also in other Central and Eastern European countries. In 2015 the special issue on Men and Masculinities was publish by Czech journal Gender, rovne prilezitosti, vyzkum [Gender, Equal Opportunities, research] (1/ 2015). In the same year Sextures – an academic journal provided a collection of papers on Masculinities in Russia and East Central Europe (3/3 2015) and in 2016 the Journal for the Critique of Science, Imagination, and New Anthropology plans to publish the very first Slovenian special issue on critical studies on men and masculinities. In other words, the hitherto impasse has been finally overcome and we can enjoy high quality studies produced within non-Western (European) academia.

In the meantime, once again we, the editors, encourage you to take a look at the Interalia – a journal of queer studies special issue and enjoy highly interesting papers on the dimensions of Polish masculinities.

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