International Conference “Gender, Refugees and Security”

14446387_10154462737408991_1998002025_oIn several weeks the Department of Sociology and Work Science at the University of Gothenburg will be hosting the international conference  on gendered conditions for refugees during and after refuge. The main goal of the event is to discuss refugee issue from a gender and security perspective. The point of departure is the fact that the majority of  refugees in Sweden are men and therefore,  gender lenses seem to be crucial in order to properly analyse and understand the situation that we are currently dealing with. However, the conference will go beyond the single -track analysis of the intersections between masculinity, migration and security and will offer a platform for multidimensional discussions and analysis of the issue. Moreover, it will prompt the knowledge exchange between academics, practitioners and policy makers.

The conference is free and open for all interested persons regardless their political, religious, academic or organizational background. Some of the activities during the conference will be in Swedish, other in English. Among the latter the workshop on civil society, migration and gender  can be single out. The main aim of this particular sub-event is to foster discussion on gender, migration, human rights and civil society and address the issues of migrants’ position in European societies, discrimination, different forms of violence as well as the impact of migration on gender equality and civil society and social activism. The workshop will take place on the 22nd of October (just after lunch)  and as its facilitator, I will be happy to see you there.

Registration for the conference is possible through the following link and will be open until October, 17.

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