International Workshop on Men and Migration in Contemporary Europe

Together with my colleagues from CERGU  I am very pleased to invite you to take part in the International Workshop on Men and Migration in Contemporary Europe founded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, to be held at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 9-10 June 2016. The the main aim of the workshop is to strengthen interdisciplinary discussion of men and migration issues centred on the multidimensional and intersectional aspects of male experiences and identities, migrant men’s practices, their roles in their host societies and encounters between varied migrant and non-migrant masculinities. During the workshop, we will particularly address the issues of migrant men’s vulnerability, discrimination (in the labor market, state institutions and in the public sphere), fatherhood models and the issues connected to masculinities models and sexuality.

This workshop will contribute to research areas on masculinities and migration in three fundamental ways. First, we will discuss methodological and theoretical challenges in the field. Second, presenters will offer insight on the most current trends in research on men and migration. Finally, the workshop itself will promote international collaboration leading to future research projects (and publications)  on men and migration.

More information about the workshop, namely, programme, abstracts of the papers to be be presented as well as presenters’ bio notes can be found on the workshop’s website.

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